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    Enticing young people into industry

    MISSISSAUGA, Ont.—The manufacturing sector needs to become more transparent if it wants to entice young people into the skilled trades and ultimately into factory jobs, four panelists agreed yesterday morning during a discussion at the 2013 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS). Much of the conversation revolved around finding ways to educate youth about the opportunities

    Canadians’ average salary increase for 2014 is 2.6%

    Increases are lower than those projected before 2008/09 downturn. TORONTO — Canadian employees can expect an average salary increase of 2.6% in 2014, ahead of some industrial economies but behind the US and UK, according to a national survey conducted by Hay Group. The survey of 500 public and private sector employers in Canada shows

    Study shows immigrant workers stuck in precarious jobs after mass layoffs

    TORONTO—Older immigrant workers who have been laid off are falling through the cracks of Canada’s employment system, with many of them ending up in temporary jobs with few benefits, a new study shows. The study, An Immigrant All Over Again? Recession, Plant Closures and [Older] Racialized Immigrant Workers, documented the experiences of 78 of the 2,400